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Boat Lift Repair

Williams Lakefront has special crews devoted to boat lift repair in the Kansas City metro area.  Call us today to diagnose your boat lift issue and help to quickly resolve it on-site.



We service all makes and models of boat lifts.  Some models of lifts have parts that spend their lifetime under water and are subject to rust and degradation.  If you find your lift in disrepair, we can help.

Boat Lift Conversion

Got a new boat? New boats may require an adjustment of bunks for the proper fit or the addition of tank for added lift to ensure your boat is positioned in just the right spot. Simply  need your lift converted from a v-bottom lift to a pontoon or vice-versa? Boat lift conversions are quick and easy.

Bunk Replacement

Damaged, rotten, or exposed bunks can damage to your boat.  Call us for quick and easy bunk replacement.

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