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Decking Options


​Concrete Decking

Build your dock with concrete tiles for a long lifespan and easy maintenance.


Composite Decking

Choose composite decking for an eco-friendly option that wont splinter, split, or fade.


IPE Tiles

Decking with IPE deck tiles will create a continuous intertwining design with a luxurious feel 

2x6 Treated Wood

Treated wood is a standard decking option giving your dock that traditional finished wood look.


Flat Roof

Our custom flat roof docks boast LockDry® Waterproof Aluminum Decking from Nexan.  It is a completely maintenance free, beautiful seamless finish with engineered strength that carries a limited lifetime warranty.  

Sloped Roof

Our custom sloped roof docks boast a metal roof system featuring multi-layer protection and is known for long lasting durability and chalk and fade resistance.

Railing Options

Williams Lakefront offers two main types of railing for your dock.  

  • Cable Railing - Powder coated steel posts and top rail with four runs of horizontal stainless steel cable railing


  • Aluminum Railing - Westbury powder coated railing available in black, white, and bronze

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